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Create QBRs quickly with a standardized and automated process.

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Customer Portal

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  • Collaborate with clients in real time through the easy-to-use customer portal.
  • Clients can collaborate on strategies, approvals, health reports, budgets and planning anytime!
  • Drive greater efficiency and increased opportunities between your vCIOs and their clients.

What can BOOST do?

BOOST is packed with features designed to help you maximize the efficiency, transparency and consistency of your team!

CUstomizable templates

Get started immediately with pre-built templates. When you’re ready to branch out, easily customize templates to better suit your needs.

Customer Portal

MSP client portal helps you work collaboratively with your decision-makers, establishing transparency, automation and standardization for all ongoing projects and services.

Health Checks

Easily manage health check assessments for your clients for immediate overview on their network or project status at any time.

Automated vCIO Prep

Perform client consultations on-the-fly, easy 1-click QBR creation, increase accuracy and save time


Clients can review project changes, risk assessments, recommendations, price quotes and submit approvals online 24/7.


A must-have documentation tool! Organize client data to create a searchable knowledge-base for your team, get information in an instant!

Are your vCIO’s creating Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) through the same old, time-consuming process? Performing QBRs is key to client retention, collaboration and course-correction throughout the year; the value of face-time with your client cannot be understated.

As an MSP ourselves, we understand preparation for these critical meetings can be long, tedious and hold high potential for inconsistencies if done incorrectly. Far too often, quality of a report (and thus, it’s presentation) would vary due to the dependency on which vCIO, and which techs, were doing the preparation steps, and what processes they were using to do so.

A vCIO should never go to a meeting “hoping it goes well…”

We went to market for a software that would help us. Our needs seemed pretty straight-forward: Do we not do dozens of these reports every quarter? Dozens of meetings with our most important decision-makers? Should this process not be easy to standardize?

We trialled softwares over a 3 year period … and were still unhappy with the results. These platforms did not integrate with our CRM seamlessly (only catering to specific use cases) and worse, we still had to create new strategies for incoming clients – everything was still being done manually.

“If you want something done right….”

The decision was made to create the software ourselves. Through collaboration, feedback, beta-testing and years worth of blood, sweat and tears we now had a software that: integrates with our PSA/RMM software, applies global strategies while leaving space for customization and greatly reducing the substantial effort required to gather information for the QBR process. BOOST went on to quickly save us countless hours by performing data collection, presentation creation and a 3 year budget proposal in ONE CLICK.

BOOST is a powerful system designed to reduce effort, increase accuracy and greatly increase the rapport between your vCIO’s and their clients.

Designed for MSP’s by an MSP. Once you use BOOSTvCIO, you’ll never go back.


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